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For pest control enquiries, please call our 24×7 hotline at +65 9010 0293.


Are you plagued by pests in your home or work space? At Clean Solutions, we are experienced pest controllers who have built up our loyal customer base from decades of trusted service.

Our pest control solutions are cost-effective and results proven. Pest control is carried out by licensed professionals and through methods that keep environment and public safety in mind. Our services can help you regain your living condition and prevent health risks and further damage to your property.

Using advanced pest detection, control and elimination equipment, we are able to quickly and effectively get rid of pests. Our pest control solutions include bait or trap systems, fumigation treatment, rubbish chute fogging, disinfection misting and insect breeding control.

We have pest control solutions for rodent infestations, cockroach infestations and termite damage. We offer pest control services for bees, wasps, flies and bedbug removal. Additionally, we provide bird prevention and mosquito prevention solutions.


With advanced pest detection, we are able to minimise guesswork and human errors, which in turn speeds up the pest control solution.

Infrared motion detector

This technology enables us to locate rodent nests quicker and deal with rat infestation problems faster.

Thermal imaging

With thermal imaging solutions, termite infestations can be located faster before the termite damage gets worse.


Other pest control solutions we offer include fumigation or misting systems, trapping systems, chute fogging, and also larvicide and elimination of mosquito breeding grounds.


The safety and comfort of our clients is our top priority. Our licensed technicians are trained experts who know how to assess and take charge of a wide variety of pest problems. They also offer effective, targeted pest control solutions tailored to your needs.

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If You Have Any Problems With Any Pest, Clean Solutions Will Come Up With Tailor-Made Solutions.

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