Specialised Services

Over time, the once sparkling surfaces of your floors and building exteriors will become dulled. Floors lose their shine with abrasion and exposure to UV light. Dust and grime will build up on wall facades. Carpets get increasingly unsanitary with accumulated bacteria, mould, dirt, dust mites and allergens.

Our specialized cleaning solutions ensure your customers’ first impression of your facilities remains untarnished with every next visit. We can restore your marble, cement, wooden parquet or stone floors to a like-new condition.

We have performed cleaning for events and exhibitions, commercial kitchen cleaning, stone floor and hard floor restoration and maintenance, carpet shampooing and upholstery cleaning, and external façade cleaning for a wide range of clients in Singapore.

High Rise Facade Cleaning


Trained specialist workers to perform the job


Highly focused on safety of workers and the safety of building structure as well as surrounding passengers

Cost saving

Pre-planning to use mixture of cleaning methods (boom lifts, scissor lifts etc) to reduce the overall costing

Stone care, Treatment and Restoration

With our portable cleaning equipment, cleaning is many times faster compared to conventional manual cleaning methods. Our hand-held foam cleaning equipment are widely used in commercial kitchen cleaning.


Large air compression volume combined with hand-held mobility enables faster cleaning work.

High-quality foam

Dry foam with long contact time further speeds up cleaning process and delivers superior cleaning results.

Less effort and chemicals needed

This translates to bigger cost and time savings for our clients.